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Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 23:13:56 CST 2005

Marc and Ken:

I think the client wants a proxy email server, to
route messages through, like a parallel client, a
bundle of applications, with full indexing and
contextualization of messages, both incoming and

Plus ability to search both subject/from headers and
actual message content keywords, attachments, and any
link URLs in the messages.

The ability attach a new URL to each search results
list, for fast future reference, and produce a
separate directory of keyword hits.

The network firewall system will hopefully provide
security, so it's probably not necessary to include
virus detection in the bundle.

I can see now that the employees probably need to be
trained in micro-content composition, i.e., the
writing of proper, easily searchable subject lines on
outgoing email.

Subject lines like "RE: last Tuesday meeting", "RE:
new procedures", "RE: those stats you requested", "RE:
price update" must be discouraged, to be replaced with
"RE: Buick sales meeting 4-23-05", "RE: dealer
referral code procedures for 2005", "RE: Fall 2004
d.mail promo stats", and "RE: Korg model 334G price
update 2005"

The legal department requirements?

All I was told was that all branches of the company
now must save all emails, for some legal reason, I'm
not privy at this time to any further information.

Yes, Marc, all employees have been informed of the new

But I hope they clamp down on the frivolous joke email
and chain letter garbage that the less bright among
them circulate with glee and superstitious


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