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Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 04:13:42 CST 2005


Thanks for the info. Will look into those apps you

This is not my field of expertise, so I'm sort of
groping around with this. 

My client's IT guy was complaining that it will be
impossible to actually retrieve any specific email if
legal department requests it. 

So I became alarmed, and thought it was a combo
usability/programming type problem, and I wanted to do
whatever I could to help find a solution.

As far as swerving OT, I don't see it quite that way.

I figure you mean the discussion of composing email
Subject lines in a more precise manner. This ties in
with the need to search network email messages.

And, if I didn't state it earlier, it seems that even
the frivolous joke FWD emails are included. I have no
idea what the legal department is after, nor do I need
to know.

I don't mean to be hardnosed about micro-content, but
when people used to write memos and CC them around the
office, there was sloppy memo "RE:" writing and proper
memo "RE:" writing.

I'm primarily a writer by profession, a usability
something or other by extension, yet writing Subject
lines and discussion list thread titles is rather
tricky for me at times. Most web designers seem to be
very good at it.

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