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Steven Streight vaspersthegrate at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 5 12:57:14 CST 2005

Ken: thank you for being patient with me as I struggle
to understand this situation. As a non-IT person, I
rapidly step into quicksand of confusion here.

I guess you're right that this topic is not directly
related to web dev/des, but I thought you folks could
at least give me some guidance, since it is not
entirely alien to web dev/des either.

Kevin said:

"The buzz word is "compliance" and Steven has my
deepest sympathy.

Take a gander at www.opus-i.com (they were in the same
building as my previous employer, which is the only
reason I'm aware of their existence.)  

They do this sort of thing for the financial
world.  The Karbanes Oxley law, whatever that may be.

Rather than reinventing the wheel trying to repurpose
some mailor groupware package, Steven's corporate
legal dept will thank him to go to someone who
specializes in this sort of thing."

Thanks Kevin for sympathizing and synthesizing.

I'm not directly responsible for fixing this problem,
but like I said, it is a somewhat related Network
Usability scenario, (whilst I specialize (I hope) in
Web Site and Blog Usability. Someday soon, Wiki

I just felt I should show my concern for my client's
welfare, and if by chance I gain some insight I can
share, so much the better.

Anybody ever heard of, or use, ZOE?

Apple web site offers download of it for Mac OSX, and
I'm pretty sure it works with other OS.

O'Reilly Network (www.oreillynet.com) has an article
on "Googling Your Email".

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