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: > Why implement such a "proxy" system, and why the need to get people to
: > change their writing habits. Personally, I think that's a waste of time
: > and effort.
: Yeahbut, we haven't hanged all the lawyers yet.  I've recently moved
: into a slot at a medical school which runs a hospital... which means
: that HIPAA is now a part of my life.
: The buzz word is "compliance" and Steven has my deepest sympathy.
: Take a gander at www.opus-i.com (they were in the same building
: as my previous employer, which is the only reason I'm aware of
: their existence.)  They do this sort of thing for the financial
: world.  The Karbanes Oxley law, whatever that may be.
: Rather than reinventing the wheel trying to repurpose some mail
: or groupware package, Steven's corporate legal dept will thank
: him to go to someone who specializes in this sort of thing.

I definitely agree that if there are legal issues, and the firm is not across
the board on these issues, they should get someone in who is, even if only to
validate a proposed design.

That said, we've done plenty of Sarbanes and HIPAA work, and it's not as if
Stephen's company is in some kind of unique situation - there are hundreds of
thousands of other companies (if not millions) in the same boat. As far as
I'm aware, there isn't a need to implement lots of custom apps to get the
necessary conformance.


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