[thelist] Tomcat Help: resource.cgn file?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Sun Feb 6 09:35:04 CST 2005

Burhan Khalid wrote:

>   I'm trying to setup Tomcat for a client who has an application that
> requires a custom SSL certificate.  I have installed the certificate
> successfully, installed a test SSL certificate from Thawte successfully, and
> verified connectivity to the payment gateway's servers.
>   However, the JSP script still refuses to connect.  

"refuses to connect" -- is there an exception being thrown? Is
there anything in any of the logs (catalina.out, or...)? Have
you added any debug statements and try/catch blocks to the JSP?
Do you have Ethereal or comparable running to watch the traffic?

>                                                      After a long email
> discussion with both the developer (at the gateway provider) and my client,
> I got the following email message today:
> "Can you replace the "resource.cgn" file  for 443 with the "resource.cgn"
> file for 80 (normal HTTP connection)? Restart and try to order on your site.
> Please let me know of the results. Thanks."
>   I've been googling for an hour but can't seem to find what this file is,
> and how I'm supposed to integrate it into Tomcat.  When the application was
> initially installed, this file was simply added under the webapps/ directory
> for the application (in this case ROOT), but I'm not sure how I can setup as
> the email states. Can anyone help?

Sorry, are you saying you can find this file, but don't know what
to do with it? Or you can't find it?

A few more specifics would help... :-)

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