[thelist] OT: Online Backup Solutions?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Feb 6 15:13:11 CST 2005

Does the solution need to be "online"? (Since that may limit the amount that
can be saved by the speed of her connection).

Why not buy one of those external hard disks (eg One-Touch from Maxtor). >From
what I've seen they come with simple backup apps in which you choose what to
backup, and the user merely needs to press the button on the external drive
(hence One Touch) to perform a backup.


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: I have a client for whom I provide IT support. She needs a backup solution
: that involves minimal, ideally no, input from her.  Backing up to CD's is
: too complicated for her even with the use of automated, scheduled tasks in
: Win2K Professional. So...I'm looking at an online backup solution, where
: we
: designate what to backup and when and have the backup/upload occur
: automatically to the remote server at a scheduled time. The idea is that I
: set this up for her and she never thinks about it. (Obviously, she'll need
: help if she ever needs to restore).
: There are number of solutions and services out there for this, but I'm
: looking at recommendations. She's mentioned Dell's service for $1800/yr,
: though that is probably over her budget for this sort of thing.
: Thanks in advance.

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