[thelist] php Command "for"

Caleb Mazalevskis webmaster at cmaza.net
Mon Feb 7 05:58:46 CST 2005


For all of you that are both familiar with php and familiar with 
references to php, I'm looking for dev description of the "for" command 
in php.

I've used this command a few times in my scripts, figuring out the 
appropriate use by looking at how other developers use the command, but 
I've been yet to find an online description of what the command does.
Even in respect to how I've used it - the quantity of how many 
developers scripts I've encountered that use this command is rather small.

I've checked out http://www.php.net/quickref.php, but it doesn't seem to 
be listed - php.net's quick reference appears to be a guide for inbuilt 
functions rather than basic commands.

If anyone knows of what this does or knows of any references to point me 
out as to what exactly this command does and how it came about, I'd be 
very thankful.


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