[thelist] Do comments cause hit on system?

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Mon Feb 7 12:10:29 CST 2005

Comments are essential.

Server-side and HTML comments will have a small overhead
    Serve side: server has to process and remove comments
    HTML: will use up bandwidth and for what it's worth require the browser
to do a bit more work.

All comments will take up filespace (I can't believe I'm mentioning this ;)

Always comment, just don't be overly verbose.

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> I work in an organization where Web sites are developed by a team that is
> geographically distant. This increases the importance of commenting code,
> HTML, CSS, PHP. Does commenting cause a hit in the browser or on the
> server?  Specifically, does the browser or server need to 'think' about
> comments?
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