[thelist] Styling <area> tag with a cursor...not possible?

Peter Bornhall bornhall at ansbjer.se
Tue Feb 8 04:03:14 CST 2005

Hey all!

Trying to set the cursor to pointer for certain areas of an imagemap. 
This is what the CSS looks like:

   area { cursor: pointer; }

...and the <area>-tags are normal area-tags inside <map></map>.  The 
only thing is that I'm using the nohref attribute, and that might be 
preventing this.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  I know that the <area>-tag 
is to be used for links and that the hand-cursor is to be used for 
clickable links, but this is a special case, and I would like to be able 
to display the hand cursor anyway...

Thanks for any and all replies.

- Peter

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