[thelist] SSL Certificates

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Tue Feb 8 08:59:08 CST 2005

BDisbrow at aol.com wrote:
> I need to get a SSL certificate for an online store. Picking the appropriate 
> certifcate vendor is proving somewhat confusing. 
> Articles I have read suggest that all vendors are using virtually the same 
> process and tools to issue and maintain certificates and that the only real 
> difference is browser ubiquity. The higher the browser ubiquity the better the 
> chance the customer will be successful with a given browser.
> Given that, most vendors I have come across are 99% or better with their 
> browser ubiquity score. So that leaves price and performance. 
> I need advice from thelist on your experiences and recommendations.
> Regards, Bill

We've had good experiences with GeoTrust, on both the installation and
usage sides.

You might test the ubiquity yourself by hitting different 'featured'
sites with different browsers on different platforms.

patrick sanders
web sites that fit

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