[thelist] text drop shadow with CSS

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Tue Feb 8 10:56:18 CST 2005

Maybe to reduce load time and increase accessibility by using stylized 
text instead of a graphic.


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Christian Heilmann wrote:

> Casey Crookston wrote:
>> Anyone know of a way to give normal text a drop shadow using CSS that 
>> will
>> render in most browsers?  All I've been able to find is examples that 
>> only
>> work in IE.
> None that is standard CSS and supported. Is there a particular reason 
> why you  want to make text hard to decypher for people with  impaired 
> eyesight?
> http://markl.f2o.org/Text_Shadow_in_Mozilla.html
> http://web-graphics.com/mtarchive/001062.php
> http://www.phoenity.com/newtedge/drop_shadow/

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