[thelist] CSS -- <li> img not aligning with text

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Tue Feb 8 12:47:03 CST 2005

Jennifer.Gillespie at fitchratings.com wrote:

>I'm using a background-image as a bullet in my lists.  When the item is
>long and wraps the text, the image aligns to the middle of the row, as
>opposed to aligning to the top of the first line.
>As a CSS neophyte, is there some align tag I'm missing?  This is what I'm
>#bulletlist {
>      margin-left: 0px;
>      padding-left: 0px;
>      list-style: none;
>#bulletlist li {
>      margin-left: 0px;
>      padding-left: 14px;
>      background-image: url(images/arrw_off.gif);
>      background-repeat: no-repeat;
>      background-position: 0px;
try background:url(images/arrw_off.gif) top left no-repeat #fff;
You forgot to set a horizontal and vertical coordinate. Also, always 
provide a colour to fall back on should the image not be available.
Using the list-style-type image, as somebody pointed out is another 
option. but this one is  better supported.

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