[thelist] Restaurant websites?

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Tue Feb 8 17:33:57 CST 2005

Christian Heilmann wrote:
> Judah McAuley wrote:
>> Louise Blackburn wrote:
>>>> http://shiokfood.com/
>>> Award nominated by whom? Fails HTML, CSS, 508 and WAI checks. Collects
>>> personal, info, but no privacy policy, alt tags don't match images...
>> When I feed the url in the W3C validator, it shows up as valid XHTML 
>> 1.0 Transitional (which is what the doctype specifies). And all of the 
>> images on the home page at least have correct Alt tags that are 
>> descriptive and match the images.
> Alt attributes, please don't talk about tags that don't exist. 
> Especially when attacking or defending the technicalities of a web site.

Quite correct, of course. It is an attribute not a tag. That being said, 
Alt tag is a common usage, people know what I mean and was the phrase 
used in the message I was replying to. Your reply, while certainly 
correct, seemed a bit on the percussive side.

> And I can create a web site that bobby loves with  508 and WAI and is a 
> real pain to use with real assistive technology. WAI is a wonderful 
> checklist and guideline, but  fails the reality check so many times.

We are agreed here as well, that is why I followed in the next paragraph 
by looking at the site in a text only browser and checking the layout, 
readability, etc.

>> As for accessibility, the page looks great in a text only browser. The 
>> content is laid out well, the links and images are descriptive. As a 
>> quibble, I'd try and put the navigation at the end of the html instead 
>> of at the beginning, but that's not a huge deal, especialy since his 
>> navigation menu is short.
>> The only issue that comes up on a WAI check that seems to apply is 
>> that links are identified only by color. If a visitor was color blind, 
>> they would have problems perhaps with the link styling. It could use 
>> an additional bit of context to show that they are links.
> Yes, that is an issue, especially as most colourblind cannot distinguish 
> black and red.
>> >
>> > but again if chefs started designing web sites.....
>> The funny thing about this comment being that Madhu (owner of Shiok) 
>> was a web developer for several years before becoming a chef :)
> He also was content admin at evolt.org and is generally a very good egg.

He still is a content admin as far as I know, although in a reserve 
capacity. Most agreed that he is a good egg as well as preparing good eggs.


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