[thelist] FireFox doesn't do backgroundColor for checkboxes orradios?

Smith D.B. D.B.Smith at soton.ac.uk
Wed Feb 9 04:08:10 CST 2005

> It appears that FireFox 1.0 win doesn't support 
> backgroundColor for checkboxes or radios. Test snippets:
> Radios act the same as checkboxes. IE6 and Opera75 win both 
> do the right things, FireFox 1.0 doesn't.

True, FF doesn't seem to support it, but are you sure that IE does the
right thing?  The background colour goes *around* the checkbox in IE,
which, IMHO, looks pretty nasty.  Opera gets it right (at least it looks
how I'd expect it to, not having read any specs. for this) but with IE
making such a hash of it I've always decided to leave it as default.  

I'd say FF is far more graceful in failure than IE.  If IE got it wrong
in the same way as FF, I would use background colours for checkboxes.  


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