[thelist] CMS

Christian Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Wed Feb 9 05:26:27 CST 2005

Albert Shala wrote:

>Hi there, I need some advice, how would i start or go about creating a
>basic content managment system that would do the following:
>- Add/Delete/Change Photo's from a "Photo Gallery"
>- Add new pages to the site 
>- add news and sections to the site
>Maybe it's not so basic, but i have creating a simple CMS, but i want
>to be able to create one myself using PHP/mySQL.
>Thank You!
Why reinvent the wheel? I have created a CMS that is quite liked but I 
can't be bothered with  it any longer. Better to support one of the good 
ones out there. For your job, I'd give mambo a spin.

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