[thelist] LAMP vs. Perl vs. Ruby on Rails

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Wed Feb 9 10:10:18 CST 2005

- there are wagonloads of pre-built modules on CPAN doing virtually

* There are boatloads of PHP modules, classes, extensions as well.

- it has been around much longer than, for example, PHP and proven to
  be in some fields just cleaner (especially while talking about
  database access where PHP still can't come up against the DBI used
  in Perl allowing access to virtually every sort of SQL source you can
  come up with),

* PHP can access virtually every known SQL source as well.

- it is not able per default to embed Perl code into HTML files, thus
  forcing you to separate presentation and business logic (which most
  people seem to forget while creating pages with PHP)

Good coding practices are in the hands of the developers, not the

- you might use it for everything ranging from simple CGI to complex,
  powerful applications for example using mod_perl and apache web

PHP supports a seperate CGI module as well as the Apache extension.

Not that I want to start a religious war, but both have their strong

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