[thelist] ASP and MS Access Problem

David Williamson dw at ainscough.net
Wed Feb 9 14:56:19 CST 2005

Hi Hershel

Hershel wrote:
> I have ASP code that accesses a MS Access database on a Win 2K Server
> machine. The code has been in place and working for 6 months. This week,
> when I go to some pages I see this:
> ---
> Provider error '80004005'
> Unspecified error
> /global.inc, line 7
> ---
> then if I refresh, the page works. Refresh again once or twice and the
> returns. I downloaded the DB and did a "Compact and Repair Database" (as
> suggested by a certain website [1]) and uploaded but it seems not to help.
> The server admin says he installed a few MS hotfixes a few weeks ago, but
> aside from that, he is not aware of any changes on the server.

What's causing the problem is the record locking in MS Access. It seems to
come and go because (I think) the record lock times out

I've had this problem lots of times but have never really bottomed it out.
What makes it worse is the way you get such a meaningless error message.
Have a look at


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