[thelist] How do I properly query multiple tables?

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Feb 9 15:07:05 CST 2005

Having problems with my SQL Query for a Calendar of Events details page.
Using ASP and VBScript and connecting to an Access database.

I have a DB with multiple tables and am trying to query them and return
results based on a number of factors.

I first want to check the eventDates table and compare the eventDate field
to a querystring that is passed to the ASP page.

Then I want to grab all event records that match that date and link the
records together from all tables based on a primarykey field of eventID.

Some of the tables will have no values stored in them, as those fields are

I've looked at UNIONS and JOINS but neither seem to be working for me. Below
is the code I currently have, which of course isn't working quite properly:

SELECT * FROM tbl_eventDates, tbl_event, tbl_contact, tbl_link WHERE
eventDate = CDate(Request.QueryString("EventDate")) AND tbl_event.eventID =
tbl_eventDates.eventID ORDER BY tbl_eventDates.eventDate

The above query grabs all the info and does properly compare it to the
querystring and only shows the records that match that, but info from the
tbl_contact and tbl_link tables are out of order and not displaying with the
right records from the tbl_event table.

Can someone suggest how I should write my query and an explanation to go
along with it?



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