[thelist] link not working locally in IE

Mark Marlow mark at testwiz.com
Wed Feb 9 16:10:54 CST 2005

A shot in the dark: Assuming nothing about your OS, Assuming there is a
relative folder called "images" below the html file, (otherwise how would NS
be working?), Alter the forward slashes to backslashes in your test file,
and retry.

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I have an odd problem.

There is a link that isn't working locally, but works when I upload the page
to a server.

Also when I switch the filename in the link it works, but it just won't go
to the file I want it to go to.

I've even tried copying the filename directly and pasting it into the HTML.
I just cant figure it out!

Also - when I open up the page locally in Netscape, the link works fine!!

Has anyone ever experienced this?

Here is the HTML code for the link:
<a href="newsletter.htm" onmouseover="changeImages ('newsletter',
'images/newsletter_over.gif'); return true;" 
onmouseout="changeImages('newsletter', 'images/newsletter.gif'); return
true;"> <img name="newsletter" src="images/newsletter.gif" width="62" 
height="22" border="0"></a>

Again when I look at this in Netscape the link works fine.  Also if I change
"newsletter.htm" to another page - say, index.htm, it works fine in IE too.

at wits end,


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