[thelist] scripts performing email merge

Kristy Frey kristenannfrey at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 15:55:57 CST 2005

Matt Wrote:

*>Assuming you write the script the "right way", I would think 
*>that 1000/minute is not unreasonable. However, that depends 
*>on whether you're using mail()/sendmail or some other method.

I actually told some of our stakeholder here that I thought that 1000 /
minute was more of what I expected

*>They might be trying to keep their servers from being tagged 
*>as spamming. This might be a concern for you as well. Or, 
*>they might just be trying to throttle their bandwidth, I guess.

The vendor has actually said that one reason they do a custom email sent
directly "TO:" the person is to stop from being tagged as SPAM - which is
important to us.

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