[thelist] recovering data from a deleted partition

Richard Harb rharb at earthling.net
Fri Feb 11 09:40:07 CST 2005

In addition to what other posters have already pointed out there's also
"gpart" on unix / linux
it is included on the Knoppix CD for example.

a short description can be found here:

also a google search on
     man gpart
brings up a lot of useful links that could probably help you with your problem.


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From: Rich Points
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2005, 8:21:04 PM
> Howdy,
> I deleted a partition on an external drive by accident.  I didn't do a 
> format on the drive.  Is it possible to recover the data?  I think I 
> know the answer but I thought I'd ask.

> Thanks
> Rich

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