[thelist] Doctype declaration - AGAIN

Joan Olivé M. jolive at tinet.org
Sun Feb 13 14:56:27 CST 2005


but coming again on the same topic:

1) I refer to the general scroll-bar, and in fact, if Nestcape and others
don't support the effect is not matter...

2) I know the code is written with CSS, what I'm exactly asking is:

If we declare this scrall effect (with CSS) we cannot use a Doctype
declaration in the html document?

Thanks again
Joan Olivé i Mallafrè
>From Catalonia -small country between spain and france-

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> Hi Joan,
> Another thought I would impasse is that these types of scrollbars only
> work in IE 5.5 and up. No Firefox, Netscape, or Opera support.
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