[thelist] Tip: Screen capturing digital video

Francois Jordaan Francois.Jordaan at wheel.co.uk
Mon Feb 21 05:33:37 CST 2005

<tip type="Screen capturing digital video" author="Francois Jordaan">
If you've ever tried to capture a frame from a video clip playing on your
PC, e.g. to use as a thumbnail image, you may have discovered that the
Windows clipboard will not do it. (Presumably for DRM reasons, regardless if
it's your content or not.) If you have video editing software, you're OK,
but I didn't. There are also utilities for screen capturing video, but the
only ones I found on the web didn't support the latest WMV codecs my videos
were using.

The answer? If you have more than one networked PC, use VNC. (RealVNC,
UltraVNC, TightVNC, whichever -- basic VNC software is free and easy to
install and use.) Play the video on another computer with the VNC server
running, and connect to it from yours using the VNC client. Your PC is not
aware that it's displaying video, so you can screen capture the VNC window
without any problems.

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