[thelist] importing a non-standard datadump

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Tue Feb 22 11:24:06 CST 2005

Hi all-

I received a data-dump from a client, and it is in an impossible format.

The biggest issue is that the last field does not fit all on one line 

here's an example:

'1'|'blah1' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf1 '
'2'|'blah2' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf2 '

that is fine and easy to import.  However, there are some rows where the 
notes have their own crlf on them like so:

'1'|'blah1' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf1'
'2'|'blah2' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf2'
'3'|'blah3' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf dfdffsd
'4'|'blah4' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf4'

There's some 24,000 records here, so going by hand one at a time and 
backspacing them out is a last resort.

If i search\replace on the CRLF, i lose every row, not just the notes 
row multi-line.

How do I import this?

I have access to MS SQL 2000 and MySQL/phpmyadmin.  The end result would 
be on a table in MS Sql.  If php can do something that asp/mssql cannot, 
i can use the import export of the php system to move it to the M$ 
system afterwards.

I appreciate any help

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