[thelist] importing a non-standard datadump

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Feb 22 12:05:36 CST 2005

Brian Cummiskey asked:

>>The biggest issue is that the last field does not fit all on one line 

>>'2'|'blah2' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf2'
>>'3'|'blah3' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf dfdffsd
>>'4'|'blah4' '|'fasdf fsdfd sdf4'

Hi Brian,

How about multiple steps?  If your 'good ending' rows always end in a 
single quote, then you could:

(1) Change ['(CR|LF)] to [xxxthese_are_my_real_end_of_linesxxx]
(2) Remove any remaining [(CR\LF)] - thereby 'correcting' your bad rows

(Or, of you need to retain them, change them to something you would 
recognize and reconvert when you read them back out of your db.)

(3) Change [xxxthese_are_my_real_end_of_linesxxx] back to ['(CR|LF)]



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