[thelist] importing a non-standard datadump

Benjamin Tilley kalos at carolina.rr.com
Tue Feb 22 13:18:32 CST 2005

Control-H to open the Replace menu, for "Find What" put "\n" (minus 
quotes) and for "Replace With" put in "xxlinexx".  Then add a check to 
the third box on the left hand column labled "Regular Expression".  I'd 
do a find first (top right button) to make sure you find a '\n' and then 
replace it.  If all goes well then just hit "Replace All" and Bob's yer 

I have to use this all the time to replace spaces with tabs (or <br> 
with <br />).


Joel D Canfield wrote:

>>I use editplus as my main editor.  Is there a way to 
>>search/replace for 
>>the 'hidden' characters of cr/lf?

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