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Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Feb 23 09:38:35 CST 2005

Steven Streight objected to an 'odd' job candidate:

>>Don't mean to sound cynical or bitter, but if you are
>>not highly experienced in a medium and its special
>>requirements and audience behavior, you should not be
>>coming up with concepts for the medium. 

Hi Steven!

Let me take a contrarian point of view for a moment ...

Now, I'm not privy to the details at hand, but let's suppose 
for a moment that this is a larger company and that the new 
person is merely a *part* of the team - instead of being 
the entire team. Okay?

In that context, this might not be a bad choice. If you are 
looking to put together a team that can 'think outside 
the box' ... then you need some diversity - folks that bring 
different backgrounds and experiences to the table.

Yeah - you need to have some 'experts' around ... but it 
can actually be a very good thing to throw an 'outsider' 
into the mix once in a while.  Sometimes you get some very 
interesting dynamics!

Take a look at some 'old school' ideas that came out of the 
University of Wharton a while back about something they called 
"the systems approach". It was kind of a formalization of the 
idea that sometimes you can be 'too close' to a problem to 
see the best solution. There are a number of success stories 
that came out of that.



Gee - It's not like they suggested something stupid like making 
an Economics major the lead singer in a rock band or something! 

<somewhere Mick Jagger smiles />

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