[thelist] Metatags - we are not ranked anywhere in the search engines - PLEASE HELP!

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Wed Feb 23 17:16:55 CST 2005

Is there any confirmation in the content of the site and the titles for 
the keywords you have in your meta tags?  IOW, do "Rugged VME" or 
"MPEG2" show up and are referenced often on the pages in question?  
Something like:

<.Title>Rugged VME systems from Acme Inc meet your needs for a robust 
VME system<./Tltle>
<h1>Rugged VME</h1>
<p>Want a really rugged VME?  Then look no further than Acme's 
selection.  Our rugged VMEs set the standard for robust equipment.</p>



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Sylvia Braunstein wrote:

>This is the feedback I got from the marketing manager about the report
>listed below:
>OK, we stink...anyone know why?  Although it seems we use page/site
>metatags, even searching for specific ones we list like "Rugged VME"
>or "MPEG2", etc. didn't list us at all.  And how the hell does
>MangoDSP get their own isolated Google listing?  What's up with that? 
>Any ideas, anyone?  I'm pretty bummed about this.
>I don't want to pay someone good money that fixes this for the first
>day and then try to scam more if we want to maintain a longer term
>search engine presence.
>All these words are REALLY listed in the metatags. So how really we
>are not ranked? Please help!
>This report only reports positioning within about the top 20
>listings.  A listing further down is not of much use as most users
>will only view results from the top 10 to 20 positions. 
>0 -- SplatSearch
>0 -- Ask Jeeves
>0 -- MyWay
>0 -- 7 Search
>0 -- AltaVista
>0 -- Yahoo! Web Sites
>0 -- AllTheWeb
>0 -- Google
>0 -- Netscape NetFind
>0 -- Teoma
>0 -- Lycos
>0 -- iWon
>0 -- MSN Search
>0 -- AOL Search
>0 -- WiseNut

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