[thelist] pros and cons of absolute positioning in css

Peter-Paul Koch pp.koch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 06:21:51 CST 2005

> Peter-Paul Koch / 2005-02-23 20:35
> > Besides, try enlarging the text in an absolute layout. More likely
> > than not the boxes become too small and the text starts doing
> > memorable things. The solution, giving every single element an
> > overflow: auto, gets ugly in a hurry.
> The other solution is not at all ugly: use ems for sizing and
> positioning the text containers - try enlarging the text, and the
> containers grow too. This is called elastic design [0].

But you can't use it in absolute layouts because you can't enlarge
some boxes: they might overlap other boxes. The box sizes are fixed,
whether in pixels or in percentages.

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