[thelist] Search for a Development Methodology

Smith D.B. D.B.Smith at soton.ac.uk
Thu Feb 24 09:07:53 CST 2005

...im looking for a 
> suitable off-the-shelf development methodology.

I hope you find one, but I think your search will be ultimately
fruitless.  If you employ a complete off-the-shelf methodology, you will
find that you are burdened with deliverables (and therefore work) that
brings no benefit so is a waste of time, money etc.  I always remember
the Dynamic Systems Development Method [1] slogan: 'you can use all of
DSDM some of the time, and you should use some of DSDM all of the time.'
Horses for courses, etc. etc...


[1] http://www.dsdm.org/ 

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