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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Feb 24 09:04:46 CST 2005

Message from derick (2/24/2005 09:32 AM)
>Could anyone answer a quick question for me about theri interviewing 
>process experiences?
>    Due to the fast growth of Company A we would like to create a more 
> professional- and corporate-looking website. Please redesign the 
> home    page and one additional page of our current public website 
> (http://www.companya.com) in what you think would give us a more 
> professional     and corporate look.

Thing is, most websites don't need more than a homepage and an additional 
page (inner) visually, because inner pages tend to be consistent templates 
with just the content inserted, and maybe minor visual modifications.

So once they've got that off you, especially if it's already coded too, 
you're not much use any more. Any keyboard monkey can put content into a 
template once they've got it.

>Is this an odd request that I should be concnerned about?

I would be concerned about working for them with no reward and a potential 
for being ripped off, and I would voice this concern to them. (That's just 
me though, I don't do interviews anyway).

If you have done significant redesign work in the past I'd instead point 
them to your portfolio and say "this is what I did with SiteX, transforming 
it from this hideous monstrosity into this work of XHTML/CSS uber-art". Or 
perhaps something a bit less dramatic, but you get the idea.

I would NOT do design work for them without being paid.


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