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Chris Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Thu Feb 24 09:33:26 CST 2005

> Message from derick (2/24/2005 09:32 AM)
>>Could anyone answer a quick question for me about theri interviewing
>>process experiences?
>>    Due to the fast growth of Company A we would like to create a more
>> professional- and corporate-looking website. Please redesign the
>> home    page and one additional page of our current public website
>> (http://www.companya.com) in what you think would give us a more
>> professional     and corporate look.
> Thing is, most websites don't need more than a homepage and an additional
> page (inner) visually, because inner pages tend to be consistent templates
> with just the content inserted, and maybe minor visual modifications.
> So once they've got that off you, especially if it's already coded too,
> you're not much use any more. Any keyboard monkey can put content into a
> template once they've got it.

That is an interesting statement. I haven't touched any project like that
in the last 6 years...

You are correct in saying that a web site framework can consist of a
homepage and a content page template, but there is much more to a properly
usable web site than that.

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