[thelist] HOWTO read PHP source code into a textarea

Tim Burgan email at timburgan.com
Thu Feb 24 21:20:30 CST 2005

John williams wrote:

>"Rather unsafe" is probably irresponsible understatement, Christian.
>;-) Let's hope this script is very well segregated from the rest of
>the internet.

Thanks for your replies,

Can someone please explain to me the dangers that you are speaking about.

I want to load a php file into a textarea which ONLY has contents like:

$nav[1][text] = 'Home';
$nav[1][link] = 'index.php?urlkeyword=home';

$nav[2][text] = 'Contact';
$nav[2][link] = 'index.php?urlkeyword=contact';

I want to load this into a text area so I can easily add a new element 
to the array, then overwrite the old file.

I've never done something like this before.. so I don't know the risks.



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