[thelist] Search for Software Development Methodology

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Fri Feb 25 07:15:52 CST 2005

Im actually shocked that there arent any responses.
Is there noone out there, who'se employed in a company. Surely there is
of large enough size and complexity, that has employed a software
development methodology, to put in place, procedures, processes and
controls, to manage the complexity of software development.

It makes sense that methodologies are incorporated into the enterprise
architecture, to manage numerous projects within the organisation.
There are numerous models (Watefall, prototyping, V-model, evolutionary,
XP..etc) out there, but im looking for ones that have been tailored into
methodologies which have been successfully employed.

I am the chief software developer for a medium sized company and we do
employ a software development methodology. Our methodology has been
assembled from scratch, starting with my arrival at the company. I am
typically much older than anyone on this list, so the methodology has
its roots in a sort of 'old school' process.

What you asked for in original post was a 'product'...

"Does anyone know of any popular, and successfully employed
software/application development methodologies (public or for sale). Im
looking at acquiring a methodology to include the following things:"

"In that sense, im looking for a suitable off-the-shelf development

Are you looking for a software project management tool? Or a philosophy?
I think that your question needs clarification.

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