[thelist] E-Commerce stock control and fulfillment

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Fri Feb 25 08:18:53 CST 2005

Bruce McIntyre wrote:

> It would help if you could tell us what back-end (ERP) system is being
> used as well.  That would help indicate what sort of integration is
> needed.  Also, what kind of functionality?  Shopping cart and inventory
> is pretty minimal, so what about news management, documents management,
> content management, surveys, featured items, upsell, cross-sell, etc.

Thanks for the reply, however I'm afraid I have no idea what ERP means.

We are building the front and and shopping cart functionality 
ourselves. So we'll be taking care of the content management and 
ordering process. It's the back office functionality like printing off 
receipts, managing dispatch, returns and ordering new stock that I'm 
interested in.

We could build in the ability to do all of this in the back end. 
However this really isn't our area of expertise and I'm sure somebody 
much more knowledgable has analysed the fulfilment process and come up 
with a better solution than we could.

FYI the client is relatively small and currently only have a few people 
managing the back office and fulfilment stuff.

Andy Budd


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