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I'd put the age at around 20.  I was a high school junior in June of 1995
when Windows 95 was introduced and it didn't gain tremendous popularity
until fall or so of that year.  Programming at that time was popular among
kids starting in junior high so that would mean kids around 10 or 11 were
gaining some basic exposure to Windows 3.1 up until that point.  When you
factor in that schools are slow to migrate that window expands a bit (my
high school hadn't upgraded to Windows 95 when I graduated in June, 1996 and
when I started college in August, 1997 many machines still had Windows 3.1).

Further, 95 really still had a strong tie to DOS.  It wasn't as dependent on
it as 3.1 but it didn't start calling a prompt a "Command Prompt" instead of
a "DOS Prompt".

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> Your example with DOS wildcards doesn't help because 95% (my
> estimate) 
> of people younger than 35 years don't know what DOS is.

I'd reckon that this % is off a bit.  If you extend it to the whole world,
then you are probably correct.  If you only look at people younger than 35
who are interested in programming, I'd say that number is probably much
closer to zero that 100...  DOS is more than just an old fogey tool.  :-)
Windows 95 was the first time the PC got remotely unmarried from the concept
of interfacing with the DOS prompt, so most anybody older than about 26 and
into computers has probably used the DOS prompt.  

Just my 2cents.

Joshua Olson
Web Application Engineer
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