[thelist] Toggling Layers not working in Mozilla or Netscape

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 12:06:05 CST 2005

--- Rachell Coe <rachell at kingestatewinery.com> wrote:

> Darn it Tom, you make too much sense for me to ignore!!!  And I was so proud
> of myself for finally learning how to code the darn thing!  

Well, you still should be proud for solving the problem :) And be proud to be able to accept
honest criticism so you can learn, some people can't do that.

> So, I'm taking your advice and making the submenu visible all the time --
> but I would still like to make the square change color when the mouse goes
> over it.  Is there an easy way to have the layer background change when a
> mouse goes over it without using a nested layer like I have set up now?

Well you could adjust a simple CSS list to do it, possibly. Head over to listamatic and study up
on some of their horizontal lists with rollovers:


These are all CSS only, no JS. Really, all you'd have to do is put your extra links in each LI
item, and let the CSS take care of the rest. You'd have much cleaner code too, and you could get
away from the absolute positioning, which is not a good idea IMO.





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