[thelist] open source content management systems

Scott Benton scott at printelectric.com
Sat Feb 26 11:00:20 CST 2005

I have a couple of projects for which I need to implement a content 
management. I'm focusing on PHP/MySQL based systems, and open source 
because the projects are both for non-profit organizations. I'm 
currently looking at PHP Reactor ( 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpreactor )  and Back-End CMS ( 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/back-end/ ). I'm just wondering if 
anyone out there has experience implementing this type of system, and 
if so, which one, and are there any major pitfalls to be aware of? The 
systems that I've looked into so far all claim to be very capable. I'm 
personally much more of a designer than a web developer, so I'm hoping 
to find something that's not going to require a PHP guru to get up and 
running, and also something that I can put a pretty sophisticated front 
end on.


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