[thelist] ASPSimpleUpload Limits

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Mar 1 09:32:30 CST 2005

>Besides, it is not recommended to upload files larger than 10 Meg via
>HTTP (the time it takes to upload a file grows non-linearly with
>size). If you need to upload huge files, FTP should be an alternative.

FTP was our original consideration. The files we're going to x-fer are
easily a double digit MB file and cannot exclude the lower triple digit MB
as well. I was proposing to the group here initiating the request that I
build a File Management System on a secured (https: 128-bit) site that will
serve as an extranet for our employees and customers. So far the consensus
is that that was a good idea. The problem is really finding an ASP upload
component to chauffeur the files around. We also needed to be able to
control what the users see. 

FTP sounds more and more like a viable option, but would rather roll my own
here in this situation. 

I'm going to stress test this ASPSimpleUpload component at 140 MB and 210 MB
and see what gives.

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