[thelist] You can play a song but you can't download it

Shaun Clements ShaunC at relyant.co.za
Fri Mar 4 00:33:27 CST 2005

Use flash to play the music. Compile it, and put in on your site. Wont be
rippable :)
Create a music control for stopping and starting the music.

Kind Regards,
Shaun Clements

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> Just putting together a superfast web page for my brother's rock band. 
>  Their management has requested that the songs be playable from the 
> site, but not downloadable.  Is there a simple way to do this?  What 
> kind of files do I need to save them as?  They're currently MP3s.

FYI --

With the right software... if I can hear it, I can save it as an 
MP3/AIFF/etc.  Said software is also easy to come by.

I would concur with the poster who suggested that obscurity is a far 
greater danger to a band than piracy.  I like a lot of bands of whom I 
never would have heard had a friend not emailed me an MP3 with a "hey 
check this out" message.  (And I almost always download the weekly 
freebies from iTunes!)



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