[thelist] A question on optimization.

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Mon Mar 14 03:53:02 CST 2005

> The page "appears to" load twice faster, and while the user looks at
> the images, and reads through the text, the scripts load silenty at
> the background.
> Considering the limitation that I cannot crunchinate the scripts
> (because of maintanability collaboration issues) and I cannot optimze
> the images (because the client is a 'me wany eye-candy'), is my
> approach relevant?

If it truly works as you state above, then it sounds like a very good
improvement. I have however been in the belief that it is very difficult to
force a certain order for the browser to load it's stuff. There are most
likely large differences between browsers, and I'm guessing there is pretty
much randomness/weird logic involved too. Many things you can not control.

You should test it out, and even if it gives the benefit to a small amount
of clients, use it. There should really be no harm if you dont structurally
break something.

If you do test it out further, please let us know how it turns out.


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