[thelist] Help Finding & Fixing VBScript Error... Arrrgghhh!

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Mon Mar 14 11:38:20 CST 2005

   You're going to need to show the whole file.  It looks like you've got another statement (maybe a while loop?) further up the page that the parser expects to be closed.

 From: Administrative HQ english_offline at yahoo.com


Thanks for the reply.

Sounds logical, but I can't seem to solve it. Removing
the  wrote:

354 NAME="item_name" id="item_name" VALUE="CD
 id="item_number" VALUE="13">
361 VALUE="Course">
362 id="item_name" VALUE="CD EN">
363 id="item_number" VALUE="1">
364 id="Language" VALUE="EN">

>> 365 > 366 
> You have two opening <% one after the other. 
> After the first <%, ASP is expecting some kind of
> statement, instead
> it's seeing a second <%, hence "expected statement"
> error.
> Cheers
> Ken

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