[thelist] Select QRY problem

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Mon Mar 14 13:19:20 CST 2005

Peter et al-

Thanks for the tips, it ended up being the simple fact that I hadn't
converted my querystring into an integer, so of course it wasn't matching,
and of course it wasn't selecting any records.


However, I would have thought it would have thrown a type mismatch error.
Live and learn!


>    When this happens, the first thing to do is to 
> response.write the SQL statement so you can see what it's 
> really saying to the DB.  Chances are you have an empty 
> "detailsID" parameter.
> From: "Pringle, Ron" RPringle at aurora-il.org
> I'm using VBScript and Access 2000.
> I'm trying to select a specific record from my DB and am getting the
> following error:
> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e10'
> [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too few parameters. 
> Expected 1.

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