[thelist] replacing CRLFs in Memo fields

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Mon Mar 14 14:14:15 CST 2005

Ok, two more related questions. I've googled around for this and haven't
come across anything. (any links would be appreciated).

In my Access 2000 DB I have a memo field that will be taking input from a
web form. The people using the form will most likely be cutting and pasting
text from MS Word docs.

That memo field will in turn be displayed on the web. I want to preserve the
paragraph formatting of the original text.

1. How do I go about finding and replacing the CLRFs that are inserted in
the form field with <p> tags?

2. Assuming there is legacy info in the Memo fields that wasn't converted as
above, how do I format the output the memo field with CRLFs in itback to a
webpage with proper paragraph formatting?

Pointers to online info that covers this sort of thing would be appreciated
as well.


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