[thelist] Help Finding & Fixing VBScript Error... Arrrgghhh!

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Mar 14 22:51:14 CST 2005

OK, this is a pretty god-awful mess :-)

If you check around line 266 and 280 you are doing something funky with your
<input> tags - they have no closing >

There appears to be no line 304 in your line numbering system, which is
probably throwing you out when you start looking to errors. ASP knows the
correct line that the error is occurring on, but your numbering system isn't
identifying the correct line.

On lines 365 and 366 you *still* have the double <%
365			<%
366			<%end if%>
That is going to cause an error (you seem to have placed that into HTML
comments <!--, but HTML comments are only processed by the browser - they are
ignored by the ASP engine)

Now, the real error you are getting "expected end" is caused because you have
an: "If...then...else" construct, but no closing End If

The "If...then" is on line 14. The "Else" is on line 80, and there is no
closing "End If"


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