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Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Tue Mar 15 08:05:05 CST 2005

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> At 18:43 15/03/2005, Joshua Olson wrote:
> >Any thoughts on this?  Experiences?
> It's better to bid for specific phrases than broad key words 
> like "new 
> york" because that will be a waste. Instead, you might want 
> "new york web 
> hosting" (Just an example.)


Thank you for the reply.

That's interesting.  Both Overture and Google SPECIFICALLY say to not
include the city/area when creating keywords.  Are they providing bad

> You also need to closely monitor what ads and keywords are 
> working best. In 
> my restaurant's case, for instance, I created a "regular" ad 
> that said 
> "Thai food in Bangalore" which didn't do half as well as the 
> one that said 
> "Sick of the same restaurant food?"

If I'm allowed to ask, how much did you have to spend on the ads per day
before you saw decent results?

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