[thelist] Javascript: onChange to affect the Submit button?

Chris Heilmann lists at onlinetools.org
Tue Mar 15 10:23:59 CST 2005

> Hi all,
> I need a "simple" javascript (onChange maybe??) that will allow a
> submit button to go to 1 of 2 pages depending on what is selected in a
> pulldown menu, as shown below.
Don't do anything on an element in the page, it is a lot cleaner to do so
on submit of the form.

In your case

    	function sendthis(f){
			var elm=f.elements['searchpedigree'];
				case 'search1':
				case 'search2':
			return false;

<form onsubmit="return sendthis(this);" action="sendto.php">
 	<select name="searchpedigree">
 		<option value="search1" selected>Pedigrees</option> <!-- Need this to
 go to pageA.html -->
 		<option value="search2">Shipments</option> <!-- Need this to go to
 pageB.html -->
	<input type="submit">

Does the trick. Make sure to have a fallback on the server though,
otherwise it won't be possible for non-JS users to navigate.
More information: http://www.evolt.org/forms_javascript/

P.S.: The above example is overly complicated for only two options, but
extendable, and for two options a select is not the cleverest of UI
elements anyway.

Chris Heilmann
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