[thelist] Proceed to Checkout - Authorize.net Question

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Mar 15 14:16:05 CST 2005


this is more of a preference and I'm in a debate with myself on the best way
to do this.

Collect Information -> Confirm -> Pay -> Receipt Page

At what point in this process do you store the information into your
database? The Authoroize.net form (AIM) is a post to their .dll. So
obviously you have to store the information before you pay. But should you
do it before you confirm? ::

Collect Information -> Confirm -> Pay -> Receipt Page
                    L--- here + form validation?

That way if you hit the back button (browser or <input type="button"
onclick="window.history.go(-1)" value="Back">) you can still edit this
before presenting the user with confirm everything. The Confirm page will
not have any forms but all the hidden fields that the AIM requires.

Also, for some odd reason, my account gives me a white "test mode" page,
when my account is in "live mode". Very odd.

Rob Smith

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