[thelist] Tough querystring problem!

Brian Delaney brian.delaney at mccmh.net
Tue Mar 15 14:50:57 CST 2005

Let me explain as best as I can:

1. User  inputs date information and clicks submit which opens a new window.

2. Based on the user input data is displayed from  a date range

3. Each field header (TH) can be sorted asc or desc ( I use href  '+' or 
    the href is as follows: javascript('fieldname','asc') or 'desc' if 
they clicked the minus sign.

4.The javascript posts the data back to the asp page and sets a post 
value if true then the page is refreshed based on the sort information.

The Problem:

When the page first laods I capture  three values: option,start and end. 
>From the querystring.

These represent the dates and type of report so I can build the header.

ex. 9, 1/1/2005, 3/31/2005 would read:* Quarterly report for dates: 
1/1/2005 to 3/31/2005*

I capture them as hidden values for the first sort, but after that they 
are lost and no header displays because all values are lost.

Any Ideas?

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