[thelist] RE: troubling Mail delivery failed message

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Mar 15 18:33:01 CST 2005

Hi there,

I think you'll find that the original message had a "spoofed" From: address
(which happened to be yours). An antivirus filter at the recipient's end
bounced the message back to the purported serve (you).

Most viruses that spread themselves via SMTP/email work like this, and have
done so for years. Person A gets infected. The virus scans their harddisk
looking for email addresses. It constructs a message from Person B to Person
C and sends it off. Person C thinks the message came from Person B.

It makes tracking down the actual infected party (Person A) relatively

But this is a bit off-topic, so I won't go into any more detail. Suffice to
say, you probably have nothing to worry about.


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: I use Firefox browser.
: In my Gmail spam file, I saw a message with subject:
: "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender"
: The From party does not exist. I googled the sender of
: this delivery failure message, no info, except a web
: site, which of course I did not go to.
: I did a search of my mail for the alleged address I
: sent a message to. No such address.
: Here's the intro of message: "This message has been
: rejected because it has a potentially executable
: attachment..." then it mentions a pif attachment,
: whatever that is.
: I only sent RTF rich text format documents as
: attachments, never any other kind.
: It is a multi-part message in MIME format. Not as an
: attachment, but in the body of the message, there are
: 6 pages of nonsense like "ERT8744duiDDF9098oi8" etc.
: What is this? I deleted it, but regret opening it.
: Have I finally been tricked by the bad guys?
: Steven Streight
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